Simple From beginning to End
Finding a seasonal job, hiring, obtaining a visa, getting ready for the trip, dealing with taxes and paychecks, complying with regulations – a work and travel experience can be complicated. It doesn’t have to be.

Simple hiring process 
WOSAB works with more than 100 of the most reputable international representatives in the world. We make hiring easy through our own overseas job fairs, dedicated recruiters, and virtual hiring services. Each candidate is pre-screened for English skills, a positive attitude, and team spirit. Students are confident they will fit in, and employers are assured of getting productive seasonal team members.

Thorough preparation 
We take the time to make sure every student is ready for his or her cultural exchange experience, months ahead of departure. We walk them through the process with clear instruction and assistance for everything from obtaining a visa to travel advice. There’s also an in-depth online orientation about living and working in the US,Australia,Canada.

Constant Communication 
WOSAB remains in touch with all of the WOSAB Winter Work & Travel students throughout the program. We offer tips on living in the US,Australia,Canada, reminders about regulations, and great information on how to make the most of their American,Canadaian,Australian experience. There is also a WOSAB Winter Work & Travel community .where students can
connect and share their journey of discovery with the world.