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Summer and Winter Work and Travel programme allows all categories of people to work for up to 4-18 months in a seasonal job anywhere in the USA,Australia and Canada.

  • WOSAB will support you every step of the way: from job hunting and your visa process, to in-country support when you are in the USA,Australia and Canada
  •  Experience the America, Australia and Canada with WOSAB
  •  WOSAB’s summer and Winter Work and Travel Program enables participants to explore and experience the America, Australia and Canada in a way that a casual visitor never can. You can choose to apply to any of the programs that you meet the eligibility for and that interest you personally. WOSAB works with companies, Organizations and schools all over America, Australia and Canada, giving you tons of options to explore when applying for the programs.
  •  WOSAB provides full help and support to every step of the way and for the duration of your stay so you won’t have to go it alone. This includes but is not limited to the application process, paperwork questions, finding a match with one of our programs ,pre-arrival orientation & training, tips about traveling to the US,Australia,Canada and more. The WOSAB team is always eager to help in anyway we can.
  • The decision to work and travel away from your home country is a life changing experience.  You can expect to get to know the US,Australia and Canada in a very special way, experience its culture, make new friends, gain independence and self-knowledge and add valuable qualifications and an international job experience to
    your resume!
  •  WOSAB’s Summer and Winnter Work Abroad and Travel program provides the opportunity to live, work and travel for up to 18-months in the USA,Australia,Canada.
  • You will work with employers and co-workers that are eager to welcome you to their organization and community at large.
  • It is a wonderful opportunity programs last from 4- 18 months, with an opportunity for up to one month of travel after your job ends, depending upon your gain great insight into life and culture in the US,Australia,Canada and bring your new skills and your personal experiences back to your home country.
  • Work Abroad and Travel programs last from 4- 18 months, with an opportunity for
    up to one month of travel after your job ends, depending upon your schedule.

Do you have a skill that you would like to share? Do you have a favorite hobby or a passion that you would like to share with others?
There are countless ways in which to volunteer – chances are if you have a skill or a hobby, there is a way to share your passion with others through volunteering. Volunteering activities can include everything from befriending to bucket shaking, from painting fences to counting bats! WOSAB will help inspire you and get you started; we have compiled some of the most popular volunteering activities with

WOSAB. MANY people see volunteering as a necessary, but perhaps boring, way to gain early experience and develop skills needed for their future. Once you're involved though, you realize that what you get out of the experience is so much more than padding on your CV, and certainly more than what you give. While this is true of both local community opportunities and experiences abroad, there is something special about traveling to a foreign country in order to give back. WOSAB volunteering abroad can offer rare opportunities not available locally, opportunities that are as endless America,Canada and Australia.

How do you choose what to do and where to do it,WOSAB will help you on that since itdepends on many things, including personal preference, time considerations, financial capacity, security and safety concerns, as well as a reflection of what you want to achieve during your volunteer experience. Do you want to use these experiences as an opportunity to set yourself up for your next career move or educational step by gaining specific skills? To give back to a cause that is important to you? Or simply expand and discover your passions by exploring new interests? Whatever you choose, you never know wherevolunteering might eventually take you.

We all hope to avoid accidents and emergencies, particularly when we are travelling away from home. But if they do happen when you’re on holiday or working abroad,

  • Bring a carry-on backpack full of travel essentials
    Wear comfy clothing that you can sleep and relax in. Remember to keep in mind the temperature of the place you’re traveling to so you’ll be prepared clothing-wise when you
  • Wear layers. The temperature in an airport can be hotter than the sun or colder within the same hour. Wearing layers allows you to be comfortable at any temperature by either
    taking clothes off or putting them on.
  • an extra pair of clothing just in case my suitcase gets lost: a pair of pants, a t-shirt, and undergarments
  • Bring a carry-on neck pillow so you can sleep more comfortably in the airport or on the plane. 
  • Passport and Visa
  • Return Air ticket
  • Activities for the plane
  • Paperback books
  • my phone and headphones
  • Journal and pens to write all about my travel experiences so I can share them on the blog
  • Documentation for check in at Immigration.

                                       Welcome to Wosab

Wosab Travel and Recruitment Agency is a cultural exchange program company specialized in the hospitality industry that offers positions for highly educated students and young professionals to do first time jobs in the most luxurious hotels and restaurants in the United States, Canada and Australia. We have over twenty  years of experience that help reinforce our network